How The Mad Blogger got happy, Thanks to Dave Sinclair Lincoln Mercury...

So some of you have read how The Mad Blogger's Friday started out. In summary, it started out horrible all due to Southtown Dodge. This story however, is about how TMB's Friday ended up, and we must say, it ended up FAR better than it started out! After the whole fiasco with Southtown TMB decided he'd drive around to a few other car dealers on Friday evening. Prior to heading out he spent a couple hours searching on the new for a Tahoe Z71 in the St. Louis area.

TMB didn't have much luck with the web searching, there didn't appear to be too many Z71s in the St. Louis area that were low mileage and not in the maroon color. Not to be drug down by the lack of results TMB decided he'd try it the old fasioned way and visit some of the local dealers. First on the map was Elco Chevrolet, a division of the Enterprise Leasing Company, down on Manchester road. The Mad Blogger spent nearly 3 hours at Elco Chevrolet talking to a nice salesman named Eric. Eric was possibly the most knowledgable salesperson that TMB has ever dealt with, that definitely helped keep him in their grasp. They had a 2005 Tahoe Z71, white (TMB's preferred color), but it had a few things that were of concern. It was an 05, but had 34k miles on it, TMB was looking for something that was still going to be covered by a factory warranty for some time. Also of concern was that the vehicle smelled like smoke (TMB doesn't smoke, be patient, TMB will be sure to rant about smokers in a future post), and the condition of the paint. The vehicle had quite a few rock chips as well as a few dings and scrapes here and there.

TMB can be kind of anal, so these things sat big on TMB's mind and luckily delayed him from purchasing the vehicle Friday evening. After a few hours of talking with Eric at Elco TMB made his way further west on Manchester and as he drove by Dave Sinclair Lincoln Mercury noticed a dark colored Z71 sitting in the used lot with a pricetag of $29900. TMB swung his car around and quickly made his way over to this used Tahoe. It was immaculate, and TMB about fell over when he saw the mileage on the car. 7600 miles, could that be right? Was that just a trip meter or the odometer?

After a few double takes TMB was out on a test drive with his salesman Kevin. Kevin was straight up honest, they had just taken the car in on trade a couple days ago and it hadn't been cleaned up, though it honestly didn't need it. After a quick test drive TMB started on the paperwork. Dave Sinclair Lincoln Mercury had no problems with the pre-approval check, they even called up the bank to confirm everything with them.

Dave Sinclair LM also offered TMB a second set of wheels for the Tahoe. They had a digital picture but had some problems printing it out, TMB ended up buying this second set of wheels for an additional $600, though he's not yet taken possession of this additional set of tires, he'll be picking them up Monday August 28th!

After about 2 hours total at Dave Sinclair TMB drove off in his 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe, which at the time had 76** miles on it, though as of this post has over 7800 miles on it now! The Mad Blogger would love to thank Dave Sinclair Lincoln Mercury for salvaging his Friday night and providing such a great vehicle!