So The Mad Blogger sat at home this evening hoping to be highly entertained by the 2006 VMAs on MTV. TMB got to watch the VMAs in HD on MHD, Music HD, an apparent compilation HD channel for MTV VH1 and CMT.

Jack Black was hosting the show and started out his intro, it was terrible. TMB is a huge fan of Jack Black, TMB loves all of his work, but tonight it was flat out horrible. The only redeeming value of the whole VMA show was the OK GO dance routine they performed on treadmills.

Here are a few other comments from The Mad Blogger.

Lil Kim: Who cares, you got out of jail, no one really missed you.

Fifty Cent and LL Cool J: WTF were you guys rambling about? (TMB likes your music, just not your talking)

Kanye West: Sorry dude, 95% of America still hates you, TMB is included in this 95%.

Sarah Silverman: Nothing you said all night was funny, who are you anyways?

Jackass Number 2: TMB can’t wait to see this one!

The Mad Blogger will surely remember more to rant about in the morning. For now,TMB needs some beauty sleep.