Playskool Team Talkin Tool Bench

The Mad Blogger wonders what this world is really coming too. A company recalls all of a product line because two families were dumb enough to let their kids play with toys they weren't old enough for?

"The two 3-inch plastic nails in Playskool's "Team Talkin' Tool Bench" led to the death of two young children, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission."
"Playskool, a unit of Hasbro Inc., said it received reports that a 19-month-old boy from Martinsburg, W.Va., and a 2-year-old boy from League City, Texas, suffocated when oversized, plastic toy nails sold with the tool bench toys became lodged in their throats. "

TMB thinks it's a parent's responsibility to protect their kids. Companies shouldn't held liable for stupid people's mistakes.