Post 1 about the Superbowl Ads sucking in 2007

First off, TMB will be back later with a long blog post about how the super bowl ads sucked this year, but for now, who are these idiots? Todd Behrendt, Dave Doyle, Zack Faigen and Steve Miller, Foxsports never shoulda ditched the work they got from The Sporting News. Here's what they had to say that really irked The Mad Blogger

"An adorable white doggie is having a real bad day ... first he gets shooed away from the butcher shop, then gets scared out of an alley by an angry pit bull-looking mutt, then longingly watches a dalmation in a parade. The he gets splashes with mud, looks like a dalmation, and life suddenly gets better. Cute, funny, well-done. How that's supposed to make you want a beer, I'm not sure, but it was definitely clever. "

How many people don't know wtf a Rottweiler looks like? Pitbull? TMB thinks not.