The National Anthem before the Game? Not at Fenway

The Mad Blogger was at Fenway today for the Opening Home Game of the 2007 Boston Red Sox Season, but TMB noticed something wasn't right.

The Red Sox had Harry Connick Jr. there to sing "America" before the game, they even had a flyover with some National Guard F-15s, but after the flyover they just went on with Opening Ceremonies. They didn't have anyone sing the National Anthem?

Hello, Red Sox, Major League Baseball? Anyone listening? Who's idea was it to leave out the National Anthem? Every game TMB has ever gone to has had the National Anthem sung prior to the game, why was today different? This is a huge disgrace and disservice for the Men and Women who have and continue to fight for the freedom that allows us to bask in a day like opening day at Fenway Park.

I hope that the Red Sox organization takes action and sees that the National Anthem is performed at all of the rest of the games held under MLB rules for the rest of 2007, and the rest of time, as it should be.