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Karl Rich Painting

Be careful who you hire to do your painting in St. Louis. Karl Rich painting got a nice layer of overspray on The Mad Blogger’s car.

Charter? You're saving TMB Money?

The Mad Blogger really doesn't know what to say. Late last week TMB was at home, mid afternoon the phone rings. It's Charter, great, calling to sell TMB on some...

Glendale Chrysler Sucks, right. Glendale Chrysler should register the domain name

Rumor is that Mini USA doesn't Suck, and neither does Baron Mini in Kansas City

It appears that Mini USA and Baron Mini have figured out the problems and corrected the issue The Mad Blogger discusses below. Mini is rumored to be doing a full...

Al Sharpton Sucks

This content has been removed….

Kanye West Killed Evil Knievel

Coincidence that Evil Knievel (Evil Kenievel) just settled a lawsuit with Kanye West? And now he's died? TMB thinks not! Did Kanye West kill Evil Knievel (Evil Kenievel)?