Pro-Tec Pest Management

Pro-Tec Pest Management

The drivers at Pro-Tec Pest Management drive like assholes.

Driving to the doctor’s office this morning, TMB is cruising along, follow the speed limit, in the left lane getting ready to get into the turn lane at the stop light coming up.

Along the passenger side pulls a pickup truck (a baby one at that) at a stop light. We’re in a school zone, school is in session, the lights are flashing. Speed limit 30 MPH in the school zone.

The driver of the Pro-Tec Pest Management pickup truck takes off from the light, accelerating to at least 45-50 MPH in order to pass The Mad Blogger, in the 1/8th of a mile between lights. Photo taken after they passed and then had to wait for another signal.

Good job asshole, TMB hopes your company docks your pay or fires you.

If you’re looking for pest management in St. Louis County be sure to look for anyone but Pro-Tec Pest Management.