Are you a Lonelygirl? Follow the Order of the Denderah?

Back when The Mad Blogger started using YouTube he came across some videos from someone named Lonelygirl15. For some reason TMB had to start watching them, sort of like getting stuck watching Laguna Beach on MTV. They are trainwrecks, teenage lives you just can help but watch and laugh at.

Well, fast forward a few months and you may have now heard of Longelygirl15, she's been on Leno, and all over the news. It ends up Lonelygirl15 is an actress, I won't go into the details, if you want to know them google her. Anyways, TMB still watches the Lonelygirl15 videos on Youtube, though they don't have the same intrigue now that the truth is out and they are all "fake"

You can also check them out here.

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