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Donald J Trump is Guilty of 34 Counts - Felon

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America has been convicted and is now a felon.

blogs empower character assassins and mischief makers.

Who’s that sound like? The Mad Blogger? noooo! TMB isn’t a character assassin, The Mad Blogger is a truth spreader.

Yankees Suck and the players know it? Suicide attempt for Cory Lidle?

Update: This one didn’t age well. TMB is sorry for the loss of Cory Lidle

Are you a Lonelygirl? Follow the Order of the Denderah?

Back when The Mad Blogger started using YouTube he came across some videos from someone named Lonelygirl15. For some reason TMB had to start watching them, sort of like getting...

Don't hire Hsing-Yao Fang, Hsing-Yao Fang (nemofang, valorxnemo) sucks

This is a warning to any companies out there, or Ebay listers out there. Don’t do business with the ebay user ID NEMOFANG.

Playskool Team Talkin Tool Bench

The Mad Blogger wonders what this world is really coming too. A company recalls all of a product line because two families were dumb enough to let their kids play...

Big tip, big taxes!

Now hear this, The Mad Blogger is not suggesting anyone try to skip paying taxes to the IRS, but this girl should never have made a mention about this huge...