Charter Communications Still Sucks

Reason # 535,319

Charter, here’s why you still suck! TMB spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Charter last night trying to get his 10mb internet service, after multiple speed tests The Mad Blogger was only getting 3mb service, which means 256k upload. After 1.5 hours on hold the Charter Tech suggested reseting the Cable modem. TMB said alright, and hoped that would fix the issue. No such luck last night, but TMB was not about to wait on hold anymore. Tonight TMB tries to reset the modem again, leaving it unplugged for 2-3 minutes.

When it’s all plugged back in we’re still in the same place, 3mb service. After another 20 minutes on hold the Technician picks up and tells The Mad Blogger that if you’ve already tried reseting it he won’t be able to help. TMB asks him to reprovision the modem, and sure enough, TMB runs a speed test and boom, we’re at 10mb again.

Charter, The Mad Blogger will be sending you a bill for my time spent assisting your technicians with fixing the problem with your equipment.


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