Charter Communications is staffed by Idiots

Wednesday The Mad Blogger got Charter setup at the new house, they transfered the 10 meg internet service, and HD cable over. Internet came up, cable came up. With multiple speedtests throughout the day it was found that the speed was not 10 meg service, it was around 4meg with 256k up. TMB called Charter Wednesday evening, and of course got a fricken phone center in Indonesia somewhere who had a fake American name and couldn't hardly speak english. TMB requested a technician come out and fix the issue, they setup an appointment for 1-5pm Saturday.

Today is Saturday, around 4:40pm TMB has had enough waiting and calls Charter. After 15 minutes on hold The Mad Blogger finally decides to call again, this time on the cell phone. The cellphone call gets answered first, by some chick who sounds like she just came across the border, and can't even locate TMB's account in their system. Lucky for TMB someone else picked up the original phone call, this person was female, and by her accent, or lack there of, obviously someone within the borders of the U S of A.

This lady, who was very darn helpful, notices that TMB said he should have 10meg service, but that the service at the new address is setup for 3meg. 5 minutes later all is well in the world of The Mad Blogger. Charter comes through with an american who can help me, and fails yet again with their foriegn phone support who can't do *** right. Thanks for the help Charter, close down your f'ng overseas call centers.

TMB will be switching his TV service elsewhere very shortly.

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