Don't hire Hsing-Yao Fang, Hsing-Yao Fang (nemofang, valorxnemo) sucks

This is a warning to any companies out there, or Ebay listers out there. Don’t do business with the ebay user ID NEMOFANG.

This NEMOFANG (recently changed his ID to (valorxnemo), also known as Hsing-Yao Fang is an engineering student at Ohio State University and he uses fraudulant methods when shopping on Ebay.

Here’s TMB’s story. TMB was selling a 2003 Nissan 350Z on Ebay and Nemofang bid the starting bid price of $14500. Nemofang contacted TMB about the purchase, and even said he’d fly out to pick the car up, bringing CASH for the auction or a bank check.

Less than 24 hours before auction was to end another bidder stepped up to the plate and bid $14,600, $100 more than Nemofang’s bid. This bidder was a729241025 who happened to have -1 for feedback on EBay’s feedback system. TMB doesn’t let anyone with negative feedback bid on his auctions so the bid was cancelled.

Fast forward to the end of the auction, Nemofang is the only bidder so he wins the auction at $14,500. TMB emails Nemofang (Hsing-Yao Fang) reminding him that a $500 deposit is due via Paypal within 24 hours of the auction’s close. Hsing-Yao Fang emails TMB back and says that he only has $11k cash and can’t afford the auction, and he’s sorry for letting TMB know so late.

This starts to infuriate TMB, but what infuriates The Mad Blogger even more is that when he starts to reply to Nemofang’s email he notices the email address is mailto:[email protected]) If that looks familiar to you that’s because it is the exact same userId as the second bidder who had negative feedback.

So, being a semi bright guy The Mad Blogger has now put two and two together. For those of you who may not see what TMB means, let TMB break is down for you. Nemofang bid on a car, TMB’s Nissan 350z, and then decided he either didn’t want to buy it, or couldn’t afford it, so he used another account that he has setup with Ebay to outbid his initial bid. This other account is setup with purpose of winning auctions but never paying for the items, you can check out the history of the account to see exactly that, he’s used it twice in the past to win an auction but never paid for either item.

So now here is The Mad Blogger’s mission. TMB will most likely be taking Nemofang, also known by his real name of Hsing-Yao Fang, to small claims court to retrieve financial damages caused by Hsing-Yao Fang’s fraudulant practices. TMB will also be reporting Hsing-Yao Fang to Ohio State for using their computers for fraudulant interstate commerce activities.

The Mad Blogger will also be making sure that if anyone ever searches for Nemofang or Hsing-Yao Fang, they will know not to trust this user, and hopefully not to ever employee this person. Here’s a little information TMB was able to locate on the web about Nemofang aka Hsing-Yao Fang

His address is

364 West Lane Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
United States

Here’s his Ohio State Information

Unique name at OSU = fang.67
Email addresses: Published address = [email protected]

If anyone else has any information on valorxnemo/Nemofang/Hsing-Yao Fang please let TMB know.


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