Great Service from JPCustoms for car stereo needs!

TheMadBlogger loves his Zune. He loves it so much he wants to listen to it when he's driving in his pimped out Chevrolet Tahoe.

TMB purchased the Zune Car Pack from Circuit City a few days ago, it was horrible. The reception wasn't worth a darn, so TMB took the device back to Circuit City, they refunded the money without question. Props from the TMB to Circuit City.

Since that wouldn't work, TMB started looking for other options and found that (apparently they are no longer in business, don't try to visit their site) had just the attachment he needed to hardwire the Zune into the existing stereo of the Chevy Tahoe. That was two days ago, on Wednesday. The Mad Blogger received a package at work today from JP Customs with the product inside. Props to for the prompt service!

TMB will do a review after installing the device this weekend and seeing how well it all works.

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