A word of warning for the Samsung LN40C630K1F

The Mad Blogger is back! For this post TMB is a little torn. TMB isn’t actually ranting, just giving people a word of warning, and some praise at the same time.

A month ago TMB moved, and because of that decided that it was time to get a new TV for the bedroom, rather than moving the old CRT across the country. So TMB picked up a Samsung 40’ LCD TV that did 1080p and 120mhz, the model was LN40C630K1F and it was purchased from Best Buy. All seemed well at first, the TV performed great, until TMB noticed something, a blue pixel on the screen, when it shouldn’t be blue. So after about a week (of the bad pixel) the TV went back to Best Buy to get exchanged for another of the same model.

I brought this new TV home and hooked it up, everything was great for a few minutes then the TV was attacked by some red vertical lines, which eventually turned to black.TMB checked connections, restarted everything, with no change. Eventually the lines went away, but they came back a few times throughout the week.

Today TMB took the TV back to Best Buy and picked up a 40’ Sony LCD. Thanks to Best Buy for the great customer service! They were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. TMB went ahead and purchased their 4yr protection plan for the new TV, just in case anything goes wrong with this one.

Update 6-19-2024: TMB still has this 40” Sony TV, it’s not the best, but it still works!


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