Charter Cable, Internet, Telephone Customer Service Blows

If you’re looking to get Digital Cable, Internet or Phone Service from Charter Communications, The Mad Blogger would HIGHLY recommend looking to another provider!

TMB has had horrible experiences with Charter over the past few months. Just so you know TMB isn’t the only one complaining check out this recent article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch!

Moral of the story? Charter Sucks! Use someone else! Though, TMB also doesn’t recommend Directv, more on that story later!

Update 2024:

Listen, I was young. I have now had Charter as my sole internet provider for 11+ years. I wouldn’t think about using AT&T until they offered Fiber to my house. I might have had issues with Charter in the past, but I used Comcast for a few years in Colorado and learned what really bad customer service was.


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