Big tip, big taxes!

Now hear this, The Mad Blogger is not suggesting anyone try to skip paying taxes to the IRS, but this girl should never have made a mention about this huge tip, other than to her bosses to verify it was legit.

Now she’s going to pay a big ole fat portion of that tip in taxes. Granted, because the tip was on a credit card she’d probably have to report it on taxes anyways, but I’d bet the tipper wasn’t exactly looking for a lot of National press out of it. She also mentioned buying a Jeep with it, I hope it’s a used jeep, because that tip once the taxes are taken won’t buy any new car!

TMB worked in a restaurant for a few years in college, and always reported his tips, but I’m sure many people in the industry make hundreds of dollars a night without reporting 5% of that money to the IRS.

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