The Problem with the World Today is Talking Heads

TMB had a revalation today. After spending far too many hours responding to right wing nut jobs about CRT and the threat of CRT to Rockwood School District (hint, there is no threat).

TMB has decided, decreed as it may be, that Talking Heads are the problem.

You should read the news. From multiple sources.

You should use the things you learned in school (or should have learned in school, which is another problem that is splitting America today), to determine what is factual, and what is simply fake.

A person who is paid to have a talk show, be it radio, TV, or online, is paid to get you to listen. They are paid to get you riled up and listening more and more. The way they commonly do that is to spew bullshit out of their mouth.

Critical Race Theory is not invading the public school system. Far from it. History, truth, is invading our school system. Teaching our kids about how the world IS and how it CAME TO BE. That’s how they learn.

Stop listening to the talking heads. Seriously, sports talk, talk radio, whatever, it is all a waste of time. They are saying what they need to say to get viewers/listeners and generate advertising revenue.

Go outside. Take a hike. Ride you bike. Mow your lawn.

Do something productive, don’t listen to the talking heads.

  • The Mad Blogger (Talking Head) signing off for the night.

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