Movie Theater in Wildwood, Missouri

Movie Theater in Wildwood, Missouri


After 1 month, we finally got B&B Theaters to process a proper refund. Unsure if we will ever go back.

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There is one movie theater in Wildwood Missouri, and based on poor customer service experiences with B&B Theaters in Wildwood, it is not our recommendation that you patronize their theater.

If you purchase tickets for a movie online, you will be charged a service fee. If that movie is for some reason cancelled, they will:

  • Not inform you ahead of time.
  • Not refund you the full price you paid for the tickets and the service fee.

Good luck getting B&B Theaters to respond to you either. While they might actually respond to a “review” posted on Google Maps ratings, they won’t go any further than that.

Please check out one of these theaters close to Wildwood:

[AMC Chesterfield 14 located in the Chesterfield Mall (CLOSED)]

Marcus Theaters in Chesterfield, Missouri

Whenever you walk into the B&B Theaters in Wildwood, Missouri you are just about guaranteed to walk into a smokey (burnt popcorn) room with very poor customer service being provided.

Please avoid the B&B Theaters in Wildwood, they will just steal your money.

Theft from B&B Theaters in Wildwood, Missouri

We finally got someone to respond to us on Twitter after reaching out to B&B Theaters, and they replied that they will not refund the transaction fees. So ultimately the theater sold tickets to provide a service, cancelled the showing of the movie, and then will not refund the full amount charged.

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