Roofing and Exterior Pros in Ellisville, Missouri

Roofing and Exterior Pros in Ellisville, Missouri

Check out the type of folks that work at Roofing and Exterior Pros

Yesterday, Sunday, at ~8:30 AM at 10th & Clark, we witnessed a guy beat the s&@$ out of a guy in a road rage incident. The victim made the mistake of honking at him for running a red light. He then made the mistake of leaving his door unlocked.
The assailant was in his work truck — Roofing and Exterior Pros. 314-791-1622. He dragged the victim from his car, beat him to the ground, including kicking him in his face. The victim will need stitches.
We called 911. For some reason no police report exists at this time. But hey, crime is down.
The assailant then followed a Range Rover that also honked at him during the incident. The assailant began to shoot a gun at the Range Rover during a car chase in Downtown. See attached photos.

and of course from an online review:

This morning in downtown St. Louis, I watched the driver of a Roofing & Exterior Pros truck leave his vehicle to assault a driver who made the mistake of honking at him. The passenger of the Roofing & Exterior Pros truck also left the vehicle apparently to provide the driver with backup. The victim suffered numerous severe injuries to his face as the Roofing & Exterior Pros driver punched and kicked him repeatedly.
I’ve posted photos of the assault. The SLMPD has better video of the event, but I am not allowed to post them.
The driver than exchanged words with a driver of another vehicle and then started to chase the vehicle through the streets of downtown. Per SLMPD, the driver of the Roofing & Exterior Pros truck shot numerous times at the vehicle being chased.
I reluctantly write this but feel it’s important that the public is aware of this company’s behavior.

Really curious if one of the gentleman in the photo are the owner Jake Ehlinger (John Jacob Ehlinger has a lot of Missouri Case Net files) the “owner” though his wife is on record with the state as the owner, or if they’re just employees. Either way, not a good look for the company.

If you’re looking for a roofing company in St. Louis County be sure to look for anyone but Roofing and Exterior Pros!

Probably won’t find them online anyways, looks like their Facebook page, Google Listing and other social media profiles are all gone!

Update January 2024: Looks like they have tried to “clean up” their online profiles. The TrustReview account appears to have been purged. Their Facebook page is live again, no reviews or negative comments.

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