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The Paradisus at Playa Conchal

The Mad Blogger just returned from a nice honeymoon at the Paradisus in Playa Conchal in Costa Rice, a full review is forthcoming, but for now, TMB highly recommends the...

Newmar Motorhomes having Paint Problems???

The Mad Blogger is looking into an issue with Newmar motor homes having clear coat paint issues with their paint on the top of the motorhomes.

Who is The Mad Blogger?

Is it a mystery?

Do you Zune?

Do you Zune? The Mad Blogger does! And TMB is loving it! 30 gigs of wonderful music and videos. The Zune will be the entertainment choice for The Mad Blogger’s...

Want to get an Xbox 360 for $100?

If you do, head on over to Amazon.com! Wait, can’t find the link to buy them for $100? That’s because you have to vote on one of four deals that...

Southtown Dodge

The Mad Blogger hopes you aren’t buying anything from Southtown Dodge!