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Paddington Bear, a Killer Fisherman

Don't hire Hsing-Yao Fang, Hsing-Yao Fang (nemofang, valorxnemo) sucks

This is a warning to any companies out there, or Ebay listers out there. Don't do business with the ebay user ID NEMOFANG.

Sony Mylo - TMB wants one of these

The Mad Blogger stumbled across something interesting today. The Sony Mylo. Perhaps TMB needs to go pick one of these up and give it a shot. That is, unless there's...

Playskool Team Talkin Tool Bench

The Mad Blogger wonders what this world is really coming too. A company recalls all of a product line because two families were dumb enough to let their kids play...

Magnets and Trains just don't fly?

Sarah Silverman, what's the deal?

The Mad Blogger wants to know, what’s the deal with Sarah Silverman?