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Yankees Suck and the players know it? Suicide attempt for Cory Lidle?

Did someone from the Yankees kill themselves over their recent loss to the Detroit Tigers in the playoffs?

Are you a Lonelygirl? Follow the Order of the Denderah?

Back when The Mad Blogger started using YouTube he came across some videos from someone named Lonelygirl15. For some reason TMB had to start watching them, sort of like getting...

Yankees Suck!

Coming from a Red Sox fan, TMB thinks the Yankess Suck! Go Detroit!

Nemofang, we found you fhy729241025

It's amazing what the internet will get you.

Paddington Bear, a Killer Fisherman

Don't hire Hsing-Yao Fang, Hsing-Yao Fang (nemofang, valorxnemo) sucks

This is a warning to any companies out there, or Ebay listers out there. Don't do business with the ebay user ID NEMOFANG.