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Microsoft Zune doesn't work with Windows Vista!

Hello, Microsoft? What were you thinking? You have a brand new Operating System, Windows Vista, which TMB loves btw, and a brand new Music Player, Zune, which TMB also loves,...

What The Mad Blogger hates about Winter

The Mad Blogger is actually a Winter fan, so why would TMB write an article about what he hates about winter? Well there’s one thing TMB can’t stand about winter....

Windows Vista blog and coming soon!

The Mad Blogger is excited about Windows Vista! TMB has been running Vista on a machine for a few weeks now and is loving it! TMB Can’t wait for the...

blogs empower character assassins and mischief makers.

Who’s that sound like? The Mad Blogger? noooo! TMB isn’t a character assassin, The Mad Blogger is a truth spreader.

Yankees Suck and the players know it? Suicide attempt for Cory Lidle?

Update: This one didn’t age well. TMB is sorry for the loss of Cory Lidle

Are you a Lonelygirl? Follow the Order of the Denderah?

Back when The Mad Blogger started using YouTube he came across some videos from someone named Lonelygirl15. For some reason TMB had to start watching them, sort of like getting...