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Big tip, big taxes!

Now hear this, The Mad Blogger is not suggesting anyone try to skip paying taxes to the IRS, but this girl should never have made a mention about this huge...

Charter Cable, Internet, Telephone Customer Service Blows

If you’re looking to get Digital Cable, Internet or Phone Service from Charter Communications, The Mad Blogger would HIGHLY recommend looking to another provider!

Zapatas Mexican Restaurant on Manchester Road in Missouri

If you’re looking for some good Mexican food, DON’T go to Zapatas on Manchester Road!

How The Mad Blogger got happy, Thanks to Dave Sinclair Lincoln Mercury...

So some of you have read how The Mad Blogger’s Friday started out. In summary, it started out horrible all due to Southtown Dodge. This story however, is about how...

Shop at Dave Sinclair Lincoln Mercury! The day was saved!

So The Mad Blogger (TMB) went out shopping for a car this evening, trying to repair the chaos that was earlier today.

Why not to buy from Southtown Dodge, AKA Southtown Dodge Sucks

Well lets begin the story with a little background.