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Al Sharpton Sucks

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Kanye West Killed Evil Knievel

Coincidence that Evil Knievel (Evil Kenievel) just settled a lawsuit with Kanye West? And now he’s died? TMB thinks not! Did Kanye West kill Evil Knievel (Evil Kenievel)?

Front License Plate laws in Missouri

TMB was hounded by a local police officer this morning here in Missouri. Why might you ask? Because TMB’s new ride has only one license plate, in the rear. The...

Fire Francis Slay

The Mad Blogger thinks that all the folks in St. Louis City who are ranting and raving about Firing Francis Slay have way too much time on their hands. They...

Warming up the keyboard

TheMadBlogger might be warming up his keyboard once again, if so, the topic might be another dealership rant, just like the rant that started, TMB’s dealings with SouthTown Dodge....