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Don't trust Glenn Hyundai in Kentucky

If you're shopping for a car, TMB highly recommends you stay away from Glenn Hyundai in Lexington Kentucky. There are a few stories going around on the internet in which...

Bringing sexy back

TMB thinks it is time to bring back the site. The Mad Blogger is back baby, look out.

Clinton calls base-closure decision 'regrettable' From the family that closed how many?

The Mad Blogger finds this headline on CNN about the closing of the US Military base in Kyrgyzstan extremely annoying.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is open again in Des Peres!

The Mad Blogger is a happy guy again. Tropical Smoothie Cafe opened back up in Des Peres.

The irony of a car theft

Check out this story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about 6 car thieves. Great Customer Service

For those of you who know The Mad Blogger you know that he has an Oakley problem. Well, there's a website called SteepAndCheap that doesn't help with the problem, they...