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Charter Communications is staffed by Idiots

Wednesday The Mad Blogger got Charter setup at the new house, they transfered the 10 meg internet service, and HD cable over. Internet came up, cable came up. With multiple...

XBox 360 to get IPTV?

What's this? The XBox 360 may be getting IPTV! CES Is coming up this week. It could be a very interesting year for 2007!

Great Service from JPCustoms for car stereo needs!

TheMadBlogger loves his Zune. He loves it so much he wants to listen to it when he's driving in his pimped out Chevrolet Tahoe.

Where do you get your Ring Tones?

Just a curiosity question.

Don't use Verizon Wireless, they can't do math!

The Mad Blogger is really just speachless here. Take a listen to this over on youtube, it's amazing!