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Nathan Magilow is an Idiot, and UPS Still f'ng Sucks

Nathan Magilow is an idiot, and his employer UPS still sucks the royal big one. The Mad Blogger sympathizes with Ole Chuck over there in the state of Washington.

Post 1 about the Superbowl Ads sucking in 2007

First off, TMB will be back later with a long blog post about how the super bowl ads sucked this year, but for now, who are these idiots? Todd Behrendt,...

On Ebay, don't sell to valorxnemo

Read more about this user called valorxnemo on one of The Mad Blogger's previous blog posts! He's a fraud, don't sell him anything, else he may not pay you.

Adult Swim, could you market any better?

All this ranting about adult swim in the news industry, TMB actually thinks it was a great marketing idea. Even if turning broadcasting has to pay fines in Boston for...

St. Louis Charter Communication doesn't have CBS in High Def

Yet another reason that Charter Sucks. Here in St. Louis they no longer offer CBS in High Definition.