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Don't buy a Shadow Trailer in Ocala Florida

The Mad Blogger wouldn’t recommend buying a Shadow Trailer for Shadow Trailers in Ocala Florida or from the Ocala Trailer Company.

Why buy an SUV now?

The Mad Blogger just recently did, you should too. Here's why.

Rockstar Supernova Finale

Lucas? I mean really? That little whiney guy, Supernova, you shoulda picked Toby.

Is Viewpoint Spyware? Viewpoint Sucks!

Damn skippy Viewpoint is Spyware. TMB doesn't care if they don't think it is. It gets installed, without your knowing, then tries to update itself via the internet.

Gas in St. Louis Missouri

The Mad Blogger is loving the recent cheap gas prices here in St. Louis. After buying a large gas guzzling SUV gas prices have dropped down to 2.29 for the...

UPS Insurance Sucks

Just because The Mad Blogger is still bitter about things that other companies have done in the past TMB needed to bring up some old posts to rant about.