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Sarah Silverman, what's the deal?

The Mad Blogger wants to know, what’s the deal with Sarah Silverman?

Studio 60: On the Sunset Strip?

So, I had my trusty (no, it’s not really trusty) Moxi record Studio 60 tonight on NBC. I must admit, after the first 5 minutes I was ready to delete...

Another Reason why UPS Sucks!

Door to door sales now? Really? Come on UPS, are you that desperate that you have to start going door to door to businesses to sell your product? TMB works...

Don't buy a Shadow Trailer in Ocala Florida

The Mad Blogger wouldn’t recommend buying a Shadow Trailer for Shadow Trailers in Ocala Florida or from the Ocala Trailer Company.

Why buy an SUV now?

The Mad Blogger just recently did, you should too. Here’s why.

Rockstar Supernova Finale

Lucas? I mean really? That little whiney guy, Supernova, you shoulda picked Toby.