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Southwest Industrial Gases Inc Explosions in Dallas

Just like a few years ago it here in St. Louis with Praxair, it looks like there has been another accident with a gas/fuel supplier. From news reports it looks...

Don't go to Glendale Chrysler in St. louis, MO

A good friend told TheMadBlogger that he had the worst experience you could imagine with Glendale Chrysler, actually you wouldn’t believe the story if TMB typed it here!

Bo Beuckman Ford Sucks, Actually FORD Sucks too

So The Mad Blogger is not a big Ford fan. Actually TMB has NEVER been a Ford fan, but TMB’s wife owns a 2004 Ford F350, 6.0 liter Diesel. This...

Drinking and driving, lets sue!

2022 Update: This blog post was not a highlight for TMB. Apologies if the Hancock family took offense. Sorry for your loss.

Who is better, Directv or Dish?

So The Mad Blogger needs to know, who is better, DirecTV or Dish Network?

Still: Charter Sucks, and they are only getting worse

The Mad Blogger just called Charter Cable yet again, and Charter Sucks! Here in St. Louis Charter hasn't carried ABC in HD since before TMB started using Charter. Well two...