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When did baseball become so violent?

When did it become okay to attack a catcher standing at homeplate?

Isuzu Performance

The Mad Blogger doesn’t believe that the words Isuzu Performance should be placed together. There is no performance in the world of Isuzus, seriously, the people who try are simply...

Bigfoot Hoax!

Wow, this press conference they just held in California was such a crock. These two hoosiers from Georgia have turned on their spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, I...

What happened to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Des Peres?

The Mad Blogger wants to know: What happened to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Des Peres Missouri?

Charter, you really do rock!

So The Mad Blogger has had issues with Charter in the past, but the past two dealings have been GREAT!!!!

Anheuser-Busch sells out to InBev

The Mad Blogger really doesn’t think this is a bad deal for business, InBev made a high offer, the boards both agreed, and now AB is part of InBev.