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The irony of a car theft

Check out this story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about 6 car thieves. Great Customer Service

For those of you who know The Mad Blogger you know that he has an Oakley problem. Well, there’s a website called SteepAndCheap that doesn’t help with the problem, they...

When did baseball become so violent?

When did it become okay to attack a catcher standing at homeplate?

Isuzu Performance

The Mad Blogger doesn’t believe that the words Isuzu Performance should be placed together. There is no performance in the world of Isuzus, seriously, the people who try are simply...

Bigfoot Hoax!

Wow, this press conference they just held in California was such a crock. These two hoosiers from Georgia have turned on their spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, I...

What happened to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Des Peres?

The Mad Blogger wants to know: What happened to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Des Peres Missouri?